Top 10 items to have with you on your holiday

1. Alexa Chung IT  I did not get the chance to read this book yet can you believe it? So it is definitely one of my must have on the beach this year 2. Waterproof Nikon Compact Camera Coolpix Whilst I was thinking of spending three weeks on the beach, and not having a waterproof camera seems like bad idea. 3.  Seafolly beach towel You can't step on [...]

Insta life moments

Here is my quick sneak peek to my daily life through 4x4 pictures on instagram aka ' insta life moments'. If you haven't follow me yet, please do here.  1. Got a new swimwear for my vacation from Australian brand Triangl 2. Wearing my white By Malene Birger blazer from last season with H&M pony shoes, I thought it is great idea to do a little collage[...]

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