Final year before I turn the big thirty

Hi beautiful,

It’s that time of the year again and my birthday came around real fast. Here is a little update from my trip last weekend. I woke up to a surprise and found out we are heading up north to Cheshire for a little spa break and shopping! Although the weather (Storm Emma to be precise) looked quite scary at times, we still headed up there – the roads were actually fine and we had a smooth journey. Once we got there, it felt great to stay in and enjoy our planned indoor spa, evening dinner and shopping the day after.

I’m now in the last year of my 20s! Yet, it feels the same as any other year after 25! I’ve started to consider giving myself a list of things to do before my 30th. Unfortunately, I am usually terrible at sticking to anything with a long commitment period and a year feels pretty long to me! I’m thinking whether it’s worth giving it a go or not?

So, I really need your help! I would like to have your input on this, whether from your own experience or one of friends did it! What should I put on my list to do before 30th? I’ll start putting it all together and pick the best ones! If I go for it, I will of course blog/instagram about it and keep you in the loop but mainly enjoy the experience. I will take some time next month and decide.

Please, don’t get too wild and include bungee jumping or something similar because I don’t think I would actually survive that! 😀

With Love,

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