Welcome to Fringe & Doll,

an innovative digital platform that brings a new perspective on fashion and provides style inspiration under the creative direction of blogger and influencer, Radana Hruba.

Radana started her career over seven years ago and has decided to rebrand her previous website to create a new space which would give her readers a peak into all the different aspects of fashion. The idea of her new project Fringe and Doll is to reflect her constantly evolving style and bring her loyal following all the latest news from the world of fashion, along with inspirational mood boards, lookbooks, magazine editorials and her shopping tips.

Coming to live in the UK from Czech Republic where she was born, Radana has a mixture of cultures that influence her creative vision but she always stays true to herself. Radana’ s signature style is a fusion of Western European chic and Scandinavian minimalism, and is inspired by both her roots and her career as a fashion stylist which involves working with renowned Scandinavian brands such as By Malene Birger, Gestuz, Ganni, Designers Remix and many more.

Fringe and Doll invites you to embark on a creative journey full of the latest designer collections along with high street style inspiration, and get a glimpse of what being a stylist and creative mind really is.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact Radana for any inquires & collaborations.





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