Camo Boy

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Ganni Camouflage heels | Zara boyfriend style jeans | Inwear white top |

When I first saw these camouflage heels by Ganni, I though what I joke are they. “I am totally NOT in love with them!” But…I should´ve known myself better. I kept thinking about them since. One questions I aksed myself, how long am I willing to be without them? Well, few months later here I am, wearing these ´camo boys´ with my boyfriend jeans and basic white top. And YES, I am in love with them, again, another pair, probably not the last one. Oh ´god´please help us to pay our bills so we (women) can wear more of these beauties.

PS: It wasn´t excatly love at first sight, but they are worth it. Now also in SALE!