I don’t care

I always wanted to experiment with my make up and hair, and to create pictures that would reflect the many different sides of my personality. It was a couple of days ago when me and my lovely, beautiful friend and colleague Misha (you can see some of her posts here on the blog too) decided to shoot different looks, and you will be able to see the results in the coming posts. In this one you can see a little bit of  my ‘ I don’t care’ attitude.As am such a fan of sporty style, (my Eastern European roots have influence on that too) I had to wear a beanie! I honestly cannot wait to wear it  in the winter.

In terms of make up, one of the best shades this season is Black Cherry as you can notice from what I’m wearing on my lips. For this look I’ve chosen the one and only lipstick from YSL (my favourite make up brand of all times) to go with my beanie! What’s great (and maybe not so great) with this lipstick is that it does build up a darker colour when you apply more of it and you can see that on some of the pictures below there is a slight difference in the way it looks. However, it is very easy to tone it down again with just a tissue. I would recommend this lipstick because of its soft texture which makes it easy to apply and the colour looks stunning. The fact that the lipstick shade changes is a slight disadvantage for people with blonde hair like me but it is great to go for a bolder colour this season. By the way, Misha is preparing a post about the make-up and hair in detail, so stay tuned.

With Love, Radana.xx

Fringe and Doll hat look IMG_7487Fringe and Doll hat look double look Fringe and Doll hat look IMG_7514

Fringe and Doll hat look IMG_7510Fringe and Doll hat look IMG_7485 Fringe and Doll hat look IMG_7634

H&M Hat | YSL Lipstick 205 Black Cherry | Rings H&M | Zara earrings

Make up, Hair Stying and Photography by Mihaela Nedeva
Concept by Radana Hruba