Saturday Words | Spring 2015

Hello there, how are you all? Here is my latest news about what is happening w/ Fringe and Doll.

Since the new year I had issues with my new and old laptop, they just both broke nearly at the same time and it so made it difficult to blog and being able to enjoy my everyday work life, researching online and general creativity was just impossible. I had end up loosing so much of time on something that easily should’ ve taken 30 minutes!

Finally, there is a great news! I’ve decided to make a change and order this beauty, MacBook Air 13”.  I was deciding which one from the Apple family to get, turn out MacBook Air will suit my needs for travelling and as multiple users of anything creative like photoshop or Indesign, it will be great especially on the go. I am very pleased with my decesion! And I am sure you’ll see the difference soon.

So my Saturday wise words are: “Don’t be afraid to invest in something you believe you need even if it is a little out of your reach! It will change your life completely and you will never look back or regret your decision!

Happy Saturday!

With Love, Radana.xx

Fringe and Doll Macbook Air IMG_3307 Fringe and Doll Macbook Air IMG_3310 Fringe and Doll Macbook Air IMG_3314 Fringe and Doll Macbook Air IMG_3316