My Dream Spaces | Living

Happy beautiful Sunday. I’ ve been dreaming a lot recently and decided I’ll share with you my dream spaces of all times. A little bit of a art deco, with bohemian style and a smidge of a luxury. Enjoy the weather.

With Love, Radana.xxFringe and Doll Drawing Room

I love spaces were I can relax and read a book, or just simply meeting friend and welcoming guests to my little home. This drawing room has nearly everything. Pictures on the walls, lovely seating and great decor.

Fringe and Doll The view And LIght Dream Spaces
Light is so important in my life and having 2 in 1 together with a view would be an absolute dream.

Fringe and Doll Dining room dream spaces
I always enjoy dinner parties and setting up tables, plus having the rustic vibe in my dining room is perfect mixing it with the elegance and classy look.
Fringe and Doll The Weeknd Cottage
My family owes a cottage by the mountain and I would absolutely want to transfer it into a weekend luxury bohemian place. If it is not gonna work out a villa by the sea is a great goal too.
Fringe and doll pastel dream places

I am always work my feminism into an interior decor, anything in pastel is the number one choice. Fringe and Doll Office
Having a comfy space, simple lines but great gold decor in my office means clear mind.
fringe and doll recpetion room

Nothing better then use your best furniture and create an extravaganza in your home. Mine creative space will be in the reception.
Fringe and Doll Dream Space The Library

A space for the man of the house is necessary, creating a library where he can hang out is must.

Fringe and Doll Cortyard garden

Big garden, with a luxury touches is always my dream. Fringe and Doll the things

Some of my favourite things from the design house of Kelly Wearstler, my favourite interior designer.

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