Blazer Coat

Hi beautiful, I am back from the long lasting blogging breaks, more than breaks it is usually busy time at my job. I admire bloggers who can mix blogging with full time jobs. It seems like sometimes I can’t cope with it. But I am trying and I know you understand. I had also struggling with showing you my daily looks, after I finish work it is already dark outside, the weather is not helping, so if I finally get the chance I don’t have anything to wear. So I came to a conclusion as last year and will use a studio. I hope you don’t mind that.

I wore this lovely blazer coat that I ordered for the first time from Missguided website. I am quite impressed. Of course you get what you pay for. The quality isn’t amazing, but it looks good and I score some lovely items for my first shopping with 30% off. I teamed up the blazer with my favourite AG Jeans (I can’t do anything without these jeans, I tried different brands, but AG fits me the best), my favourite leopard sneakers from Vans and a basic tee from danish brand Mads Norgaard, which we stock at Stripes. For links where to shop individual items scroll down :).

I hope you like this look and you are excite for more to come same as I am. Get inspired and thanks for stopping by. With love, Radana.xxFringe and Doll The Blazer Coat IMG_0761 Fringe and Doll The Blazer Coat IMG_0765 Fringe and Doll The Blazer Coat IMG_0831 Fringe and Doll The Blazer Coat IMG_0759 Fringe and Doll The Blazer Coat IMG_0750 Fringe and Doll The Blazer Coat IMG_0872 Fringe and Doll The Blazer Coat IMG_0825 Fringe and Doll The Blazer Coat IMG_0801

Missguided Blazer Coat
Mads Norgaard Grey Pocket T-shirt
Hultquist Heart Neklace
Vans Leopard Sneakers
AG Jeans Farah Contour 360