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Christmas is coming soon and there is no sign of snow so far. I can´t imagine Christmas without white snowflakes outside, even though I already experienced quite few previously. Not that I complaining, I love the fact that I don´t have to wear awful boots, because after few wear you will ruin them and the fact that I can just get by the mountain in 2 hours make me happy as well. Here overseas, we love to wear lots of flats and rainy jackets and I never found them attractive, until I found the perfect one. Firstly, I didn´t like this design by Custommade, but after having few thoughts about it, and tried it on, I do like it… It is a great fit, the lenght is right and by adding a neck-wrap scarf, it is simply perfect.

 Custommade rainy coat | Gestuz scarf | AG jeans skinny black | Office loafers | Paul Costelloe tote bag

Photography: Alexandra Mihaylova