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Sandro Paris Dress & Bracelet | Topshop earrings | Faith heels | Mixture of designers and not so much designer homeware
Photography and concept by me 

It is over, the Christmas 2013 is over now, and if you have a full time job same as me, you are possibly back today at work. But before we leave the house, here is a little sneek peak to my apartment over the festive period. I decided to share my table settings, Christmas tree and of course, my new dress that I wore for Christmas Eve dinner.

The Czech tradition starts on the Christmas Eve. In the morning you put up and decorate Christmas tree, prepare dinner for later, btw. you can´t eat meat the whole day, so you would able to see a golden pig, whchich means luck. Why do you think we bake lots of Christmas cookies, right? In the evening a lovely dinner is served, including traditional soup (depending what part of Czech are you from, it could be either fish soup or vegetable one or who knows), potato salad with sausage (again depending on the tradition) and cod as a main. No dessert after meal (at least at my family). Lots of coke and champagne is a must. And then is the St. Nicholas time where he brings all the present within 5 minutes through the window (apparently he can fly). The following days are dedicated to other relatives, and that´s the end of Czech Christmas.
But because I live in UK at the moment, here is my Czech-English version of Christmas. A week before I put up and decorated my Christmas tree ( and I wanted it to be different this time, so had been searching everywhere for a unique decoration).On 24th in the afternoon I start cooking, making the tradional soup from North Czech. Because my boyfriend actually doesn´t eat pork, we change the menu and prepared a beef, but beautiful rosted beef rib as proper English would do. After all, we also have a dessert. I am not fun of any traditional English Christmas pudding, so we just kept it international (of course) and had a lovely tirramisu. And the rest you already know, besides I don´t know how the Czech ´Santa Clause´got in UK…, but things happen. I hope you had a lovely time as well as I did and you have had enjoyed this post.

xx. Radana