Insta life moments

Here is my quick sneak peek to my daily life through 4×4 pictures on instagram aka ‘ insta life moments’. If you haven’t follow me yet, please do here. FringeDoll Insta life July 2014 8FringeDoll Insta life July 2014 2 FringeDoll Insta life July 2014 3 FringeDoll Insta life July 2014 6 FringeDoll Insta life July 2014 7FringeDoll Insta life July 2014 131 FringeDoll Insta life July 2014 101. Got a new swimwear for my vacation from Australian brand Triangl
2. Wearing my white By Malene Birger blazer from last season with H&M pony shoes, I thought it is great idea to do a little collage as well
3. Home decoration
4. Got myself a white sandals as a replica of Birkenstock from Office shoes
5. In holiday mood, sandals and breton top
6. Breakfast at my favourite spot here in UK & outfit look that you can see here
7. In sporty look & love mornings with coffee and writing
8.  Another look that grab your attention the most in the past few weeks, see it here
9. Visited Cheltenham on the weekend and land it on the grass with ciders, just a great chill out time

Happy reading, Radana. xx