Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

Christmas is around the corner and I thought what is better then posting my little Christmas Gift wrapping idea, aka how to wrap your Christmas presents. I am going with a theme this year titled ‘Hibernal Flora and Fauna’. It is very simple idea that will create a beautiful setting for your Christmas dinner, and will raise a smile from your loved ones. I used flowers that I received the other day, and rather than throw them out I decided to use them for something creative. I purchased festive wrapping paper from Paperchase, a cute shop with lots of lovely stuff. Find the list of other things you need below. I’ ll be preparing a post about my Christmas table decoration during Christmas Eve so if you want to get inspired, stay tuned!

With Love, Radana.xx
Fringe and Doll Christmas gift wrap idea IMG_9601

Fringe and Doll Christmas gift wrap idea IMG_9614 Fringe and Doll Christmas gift wrap idea IMG_9607
Things you need:
1. Wrapping paper
2. Scissors
3. Black and white ribbon
4. Winter flowers (e.g. Thistle)

Photography and concept by myself