Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse

Hi guys and happy weekend!

This post is quite a different to ones I normally do, I hope you will find it interesting and it will make you try this cleanse too for a better healthy lifestyle! I will tell you what I did, what brand I choose and what you should know about juicing from my own experience, what I have learnt!

I always wanted to try Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse, but never got around it really, but what a better time to do it than Spring / Summer season, it’s the perfect time to try new things, isn’t it?


So what are actually cold press juices and why we should drink them?

The cold in the name should answer partly this questions! It’s related to the process of making cold-pressed juice without a heath by pressing and grinding fruit and vegetable! It lets all nutritions, vitamins and minerals ‘stay in’ so your body can  benefit and take the best of all veggies used in your juices!

Each bottle has a significant nutrition value, no other juices will provide you with such a quick vitamin boost! Key fact is that your body can also absorb these minerals and vitamins in very short amount of time, which is great for your health, mind and body!

And because it’s all raw produce used, it means no cooking or heating process is involved, the juice shelf life last up to 5 days, so they gotta be drunk fresh, which I think is so satisfying! But unfortunately, it comes with a price too.

The cold pressed juices you find in big supermarkets like M&S for example, had about 30 days shelf life! There is a slight difference in the process, the manufacture put the juice through a preservation method such as HPP (High Pressure Proccessing), which unfortunately neutralizes the benefits of enzymes, nutrients and all sorts otherwise retained in raw juice! There was a national discussion earlier about HPP process and labelling, so have a look here if you would like to read and learn more facts!


I’ve decided to give a Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse a go! It was simply a decision with a great weather approaching. I always feel very positive to try new things! I also was very low on energy after winter, busy time at work and felt I need something different!

I went with a small brand called 42 Juice based in Brighton, but more about choosing the right cleansing juice brand below!

This brand offers 1-day cleanse for somebody who starts with cleanses and a 3-day cleanse for passionate individuals who most likely know what to do! You can also contact the team, if you want to do more than 3 days!

I’ve done 1 day cleanse to start with and received 4 bottles of juices + 1 bottle of almond milk + 1 bottle of Aloe Vera water + 1 small bottle of Kefir (I called it beauty shot <3). All these + lemon + plenty of water + herbal teas were taking me through the day.


To make it all worth it (and your wallet too), it’s recommended to start getting ready for the cleanse before the actual day! They recommend few days before, especially if you do longer cleanse. Plan it well, especially if you do 3 days cleanse! It will be a whole week of cleanse really, 2 days before and after getting ready to help your body with the process of healing!

Because I live very busy lifestyle and am constantly on the go, I found the part ‘getting ready’ particularly hard! It’s quite bizarre, isn’t it? I think it’s the fact when somebody says ‘no’ to something you want it even more (laugh) and your daily routine doesn’t help here either!

However, I already have a healthy diet established throughout the days, apart from few occasional cheat days, so I was quite ready! Altough, I had avoided alcohol, sugar, meat, dairy and caffeine the day before and after with introducing all avoided food gradually too as recommended! For more details about what to do, the actual 42Juice website is quite helpful.

I had my bottles numbered, which helps, started with a glass of warm water and lemon at about 7 am to kick your metabolism, followed up with a ‘beauty shot’ aka Kefir half an hour later! I took my first juice at 9am and had 2.5-3h in between the rest of juices. I would strongly recommend to have 2h only if you can, as it worked little bit better for me! In between, I focused on drinking plenty of water, and warm fruit and herbal teas really helps too! At 7pm, I end up having my last bottle, the almond milk! I was really excited about the last bottle all day, until I start drinking it and realised the taste (ough)! It was a great experience at last, but can say the juices tasted so much better!

I wasn’t craving anything all day, which was a nice surprise! Although I had a side effect, which they said it can happened! I had slight headache, more as a migraine, that hasn’t develop further, but just sat there the whole day. So that wasn’t pleasant!

I end up going to bed quite early and wasn’t doing any exercise during the 3 days to keep my energy level steady, as I gotta be active on my feet at work!


I would recommend to search around for different brands, particularly in your local area! Have a quick look through instagram for any Cold-Pressed or Raw Juice Brands! It could safe you few pennies on delivery as well as the time and hassle with being able to receive the parcel! Mine got lost on the way, and I end up postponing the cleanse about a day! Lucky me hey :D!

The reason, why I went with this small brand in Brighton is that I found them right when they started ages ago and were following their journey! They had really nice story about how they started, and it felt personal! Plus I love supporting small business owners too! #seasoncollective enthusiast!


I’ve listed below few brands, who came up on my list, and would try myself!


Press London

Radiance Cleanse

4 2 Juice 

Imbibery London


The Cold Pressed Juicery Amsterdam

Juice Lab Paris 

Ugo Prague


Village Juice North Carolina

Rawberri California (you guys have so many around)

Blue Print NYC


Greene St. Juice


If you have more suggestions on places where you live or visited (there is really so many), leave me a comment below! I’d like to check out great places around the world and share it here!

So what do you think, are you gonna go ahead? Make sure you share your experience and any tips you have, can’t wait to hear about it!

Here is another useful link that might help you understand it little bit more if you new to cleansing :).

With love,

Radana xx