Vogue Russia Nadja Bender

Who said denim was gone is wrong! This gal Nadja is wearing some amazing denim and jewellery staples. Photographed by Ward Ivan Rafik creating studio still for Vogue Russia. With Love, Radana.xx

Fringe and Doll Nadja-Bender-by-Ward-Ivan-Rafik-for-Vogue-Russia-2 Fringe and Doll Nadja-Bender-by-Ward-Ivan-Rafik-for-Vogue-Russia-3Fringe and Doll Nadja-Bender-by-Ward-Ivan-Rafik-for-Vogue-Russia-4

Fringe and Doll Nadja-Bender-by-Ward-Ivan-Rafik-for-Vogue-Russia-1