Lace H&M Summer Dress | Marrakech Edit

Happy sunday, not sure how is the weather like around the globe at your home, but over here in UK it is pretty sunny and gorgeous! Just a month ago I was on my way to Marrakech, and I miss it so much, the weather, the relax and the general feeling of an early holidays. I still got lots of posts from there, as well as working on the ‘Marrakech Ultimate Guide of Hidden Places’ so if you planning to go to Marocco, this will be perfect for you even as a lovely inspiration.

So before every holiday, I usually freak out in the last minute realising I don’t have much to wear, and as every year, not having the time I run into my favourite high street retailer H&M and get some lovely items like this lace dress below. Here is a little secret, some of the items are produced only in a small amount, so actually there is very small chance that somebody else will end up with the same dress ;), and if you go for the fashionable pieces, you know you’ll be the only one on your holiday because ‘ the others’ don;t have the courage to wear these!
btw. I wore this dress only in the hotel zone, by the pool, I think it would be a little bit too provocative for Medina, so avoid it as well, unless wearing a slip underneath. I teamed it up with the one and only lace gladiators from Mango (I am so good at last minute shopping, I usually score the best things, at the end I wear them only once, haha).

I hope you enjoyed this post from my own little paradise. Stay tuned for more.

With Love,

Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5360Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5423 Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5367 Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5382Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5437Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5460Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5445 Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5407 Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5413 Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5421

Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5456 Fringe and Doll Lace dress IMG_5473
H&M Lace dress
Mango Gladiators
Gold round Lennon sunglasses