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My favourite twins in the world were always the Olsen twins. Ask my mum and she will say I was loving them and living their dream in reality. I got so ‘weird’ I always secretly wished I had a twin sister (laugh).
Since The Row was found back in 2006, we noticed this brand had grown really fast. Even The Council of Fashion Designers of America named Ashley and Mary-Kate as Womenswear Designers of The Year in 2012 thanks to their amazing relaxed elegance. All I can say is to watch the space for amazing collections created every season and enjoy their new stunning concept store that I spot over at Oracle Fox and could not share that with you all.
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Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Bags-Seats Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Charis-Interior Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Couch Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Interior-Couch Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Interior-Racks Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Jewellery-Pool Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Pool-Entry Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Pool-Outdoor Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Shoes Fringe and Doll The-Row-LA-Store-Table

Source: Tumblr, Pinterest, Oracle Fox