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My newest post under Salt and Spicy Round Ups. These posts were born one afternoon on sunny Sunday! Same as all of us, I just love browsing the World Wide Web and finding lots of new inspiration. All of this pictures wouldn´t be available as it usually comes from amazing talented photographers or even us ´greatest´ bloggers! But one of the best thing on blogging is to be able to share what you find or do with all of you here on my platform. This time I´ve been looking at ideas how I could help and transfer my mum´s clothing store back in Czech. She loves fashion (guess where did I got it from) and always had really lovely stores. Recently she got really cute small space, which needs a little edge! So we sat down, researched some great ideas and found this beautiful industrial concept store Out of the Blue that carries many different high end labels. All of these pictures are from  Eindhoven, The Netherlands where Out of the Blue is based. Very cool Dutch influenced makes this store just fab to look at. I even wanted to see every corner so I tried to include as many pictures as I could find. After that I realised I don´t even know whether it is the same store (laugh)! In every corner there is something hidden, so keep looking and tell me what do you think!? Czech followers – do you think we are ready to bring a little Dutch industrial influence to some small town like Tabor is? Watch out this space for more to come ;).

With Love,
Radana. xx

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Photo Source: Out of the Blue Concept Store
Photography by Paulina Arcklin
Styling by Paulina Arcklin and Renee Arns