Today, one year older

So guys, firstly apologies for not posting for about 2 months. I had to take an unexpected working break from blogging. Which led to a fast growth at my professional life. And secondly, the number in my headline is today’s date and … I am officially celebrating 27 today!

I am back at my Czech home right now – visiting my family and friends! Whilst working… Back in December, when I had the time to blog (lol), I’ve been asked to join a new team and work on a project that was very exciting! Two of my old friends were about to sign their new venture – specifically, opening a new bar & restaurant in Worcester, UK, where I also live. I got asked to help with their branding and the interior design. However it all went so fast I end up working full time on this project, still maintaining my current job – fashion stylist, digital media & e-commerce manager for independent retailer. You can imagine how hectic it all got, and I made the decision and dropped blogging! It has been three weeks since this place opened its doors, and it all went so fast, and without even planning it again (well you get to the point where you know) I became the PR contact, yet not sure if I am official, however I have joined the team Primo and currently work as their PR girl, at the end of the day, that’s my another passion!

So what does it all mean? I am currently in a process of figuring it all out! You won’t believe how many things are going through my head! I still work as a fashion stylist, digital media and with e-commerce! I’ve done this exciting project Primo, from interior design, branding to work as PR girl. But I absolutely miss blogging and catching up with the fashion world! I even missed LFW since 2010, which was upsetting! I do secretly wish to own the magic watch that Hermione in Harry Potter was using for managing her time!

The good news is, that I always loved lifestyle & food and mixing it with fashion is the best way of living the life the way I want it! The only thing I am missing is more freedom and travelling, but I do have a solution, but about it in the future, once these jobs will settle down. I will soon post the insides of this place, however there are few pictures of the popular Glass Bar below, with me in it of course.

Another thing to celebrate here is my ‘life’, today I turned 27. Another year older! I’ve been so lucky in the past years and built a wonderful friendships! I am surrounded by amazing group of friends here in Czech and in the UK! I am going to have 2 birthday parties, can you believe it? One this Friday in my hometown with lovely Czech friends that we all met at my second bestie’s wedding! And the second will be in Worcester, surprisingly at my wonderful huge house & Primo Bar and Dining!  Of course, it wouldn’t be English party if there wouldn’t be a theme! But you need to watch the space as I am not sharing before the day will come – next Saturday March, 12th!

I have had also a think of a new way at looking at Fringe & Doll and how I could make it more exciting for all of you who take the time and watch my life! It is lovely to know it is not just few of you, but quite a lot, so thank you all! So one of the things I’d like to do is to use Instagram more, I decided to create everyday challenge and post my life through still 4×4 frame. My friend Misha once said that her year starts with her birthday! I agree, so from today on, I am going to be posting one picture a day under #iamfringeanddoll and the date (you might of already noticed throughout the year) – it is a great way to remember your year as well. I’ll be posting until my next birthday!
Secondly, I am going to concentrate more on lifestyle here on the blog too, I soooo love fashion, but feels it is not the only thing in my life anymore, so more about interesting things that crosses my life (I will probably let you know later on exactly what I’ve decided, but please if you have anything specific you would like me to post here about, let me know).
I also will finally start to do vlogs, I always wanted to film videos, but it is more time consuming then you would’ve think, especially when you perfectionist like me! But I will start for sure, … definitely this year, lol!

I think that’s enough for now, don’t you think? Ah I forgot one more thing, I had few requests to start writing in Czech, even my brother keeps saying it to me, so should I?

Last advice at the end, keep smiling, that’s what is keeping me going and with a smile and good mood, everything just flows the way you want it!
Stay tuned! With Love, Radana.xx

Fringe and doll IMG_3757 copy Fringe and Doll IMG_3768 copy
I am wearing:

By Malene Birger Blazer (few seasons back – never goes off fashion)
Paige Denim Leatherette Jeans
M&S Limited Edition Strap Heels
Miss Guided ‘Let’s Take a Selfie’ T-shirt
YSL Red lipstick

Location: Primo Bar & Dining Glass Bar