My new home inspiration

Hello beautiful,

today is my moving day to a new home! I already mentioned it in my previous post and how much I loved the time in my old house. But it’s time finally to get our own space with Andy!

Over the last month, after we view the new house and decided to take it, I’ve been creating mood boards, looking at Pinterest and been shopping furniture … quite heavily actually.

We started with living and dining room to spread the costs, once we get our holiday out of the way in October (I can’t wait, we are going to Bali). I will be looking at new bedroom furniture too! I found out that Andy has quite a good taste too, so sometime I gotta make sure I get what I want by putting my foot down (laughing), do you know what I mean?

So below you can find my inspiration and the look I am going for in living room. I am also taking my butterfly chair from Sri Lanka which should hopefully look great with this style! And hoping I will be able to find few nice things in Bali and will be able to get it back to UK without any troubles.

As my grandad Hrubý used to be very creative person, engineer, architect & painter, I got partly his gens so I decided I will paint our main wall painting that will go on top of our electric blue Chesterfield sofa (at the picture below), you can see the colour inspiration below too.

Once I get most pieces for my new home I will post links here in the post so you can find your own inspiration or perhaps get some of my favourites furniture pieces too!   Make sure to check back soon.

Wish me luck this weekend, and see you after the jump.

With Love,

Radana x

All images sourced on Pinterest