Stripes Culottes | Bali Edit

Hi lovely,

Summer is maybe over but not for timeless pieces and endless exotic travels. This time of the year before the Winter comes around, all what we would love to do is to get some needed sunshine. I strongly recommend to plan your next trip somewhere exotic, perhaps Bali, well in advance! What’s more important, go away in the transition between seasons!

For the time I was away, I was not being missed by anybody even work or family. Should I actually be worried? It was a proper break, let me say it this way. No interaction with the outside world, apart from my instagram. And probably thanks to the time difference too :). Another advantage of going in between the seasons is I was able to shop for my Summer favourites in sale and get a peak for the next season starting to arrive in store too without making any rush decision what to get.

I had an eye for these culottes since we got them in store at Stripes. You know I manage a small independent designer retail store, don’t you? We got these at the beginning of the season, and I honestly thought they will be gone by the time I will be able to have them. When we decided to go to Bali, these were my number one choice! Did I actually wear them that much on holiday? With honesty, no! lol. The reason behind is, it was so hot, I always wore the shortest option I could find in my suitcase! But I still don’t regret getting these. Stripes is timeless, and the fact these culottes are flattering and so comfortable, I will get them out again next Summer season. The good thing when you buy a good label is, which you already know, you buy a quality and the piece is so well designed, you won’t be tired of the style even in the next few seasons.

I am now browsing the stores for the party season to start and have so many ideas already. I’ve seen on Instagram you guys are already planning outfits and you most likely started to think about Christmas shopping. I am searching for ‘the dress’ for a work do, it’s a black tie weekend away, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day look. You know I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, but since my boyfriend is English and I live in the UK … you get the pieces together. Lots to think about, stay tuned for more from Bali and more.

With Love,

Since I shopped for my holiday in Bali since SS17 collection, all of these items are now sold out and not available online, but I sourced very similar pieces below.

Here I am wearing By malene Birger Cullotes with a bow, Topshop Sandals and basic white top from H&M, all from SS17.