Christmas Tree Decoration & Table Setting

On the second and third day of Christmas …

My family tradition of dressing the Christmas Tree usually lands on Christmas Eve, for that reason I left this post quite late.  However since I live in the UK, it seems it would be wrong to wait that long, by December 1st I had my Christmas tree up of course. I managed to colour coordinate it too as I had to start fresh with all my decorations so I had the luxury of doing that. I admire people who tend to change their Christmas tree each year as it’s not that easy, costs more pennies and requires time. This year, I went with rose gold, blush pink, gold and brownish colour and would’ve thought colours like these will last for few seasons. Next year I might add a pop of red perhaps.

For all the decorations on my tree I’ve looked around and had my eye on few pieces from few stores like Cox and Cox, John Lewis, Cornucopia in Worcester and House of Fraser. Like I said in my previous post, make sure you start finding these way early, I would recommend the beginning of November, make a plan and shop as soon as you can. I hesitated and missed out on a few!

So speaking of my Christmas Eve tradition, as you know I was born in Czech Republic and my family still lives there. I moved to the UK eight years ago to study and as it usually happens I fell in love with the place and stayed. Now I’ve been living here a while, I consider myself a little bit British and I should celebrate both traditions. Firstly, if the time allows, I like to keep my Czech heritage, I cook every year on Christmas Eve a two course dinner. Starting with delicious vegetable soup & traditional potato salad with sausages. It’s not the traditional dinner you might know from other Czech people, but it’s our family tradition.

Finally, we usually open presents on Christmas Eve, so I am allowed to open one present per my Czech tradition and for the rest I wait until the morning on December 25th. I can’t actually say which way I prefer and consider myself the lucky one as I get to celebrate Christmas twice.

Well now you know more about my Czech Christmas and I’ll share the English one shortly.

With Love and Christmas Wishes,



Merry Christmas x