Letter to myself

On the eight day of Christmas …

I know few bloggers have been exploring similar topics to this one, I suppose it’s quite key in every person’s live so let’s do this!

… I’ve been looking at what I’d like to achieve in 2018. I also stop giving myself resolutions and goals because it’s a silly thing for me, I always disappoint myself, instead of the fact we should all enjoy living in the moment rather missing out – as I did for few years. And trying to take something useful from what I’ve learnt and experience in 2017.

Instead what I did, I wrote myself a letter. A letter addressed to me with instructions to be opened exactly on day before New Year’s Eve, 30th December 2018, very similar to the scene in Back to the Future 2, hehe. I kept it very positive and uplifting, after all when all 12 months will pass, who knows where you going to be, but few happy lines will always help. The letter is just a reminder where I wanted to be and my plan. It will give me a reflection on what I achieved and how much I’ve done in 365 days, so come on – get your pen and paper, it’s not too late to start yours either.

Tea break after is must needed <3

Photo Courtesy of Fringe and Doll