August Story – life revolution

The time when I decided I need a holiday was the time when I also decided I need to change things in my life.

For the past three years of my blogging and personal life I achieved quite a lot of things. I´ve graduated with honours in PR and Advertising, landed myself a job in fashion retail before I even handed my dissertation and final essays. Found love of my life, established a successful business with him & worked hard since I left uni. At the end of it all, in my own unfortunate life, I lost everything I´ve built for the past years. Moreover I also lost myself. Being a very ambitions person can be very exhausting and without control it can also overgrow us. I am not saying ambitions are bad at all, but I surely learnt a life lesson that taught me: ´Don’t outshine your own reality with your unrealistic perception of life, such as dreams and already mentioned ambitions. However don’t forget to dream big in a healthy way!’

I thought I had failed in my life, but that´s when I realised my life is just about to take another turn.

Back in past I had planned every step of my life. Usually, it slipped away from the plan, but something better always came along. I am a person that needs to know what will come next, so jumping into opportunities  is a massive learning curve for me.

After failing of not getting to Uni to study law (hmm yup, what a joke. It couldn´t ve been a big disaster. Imagine a blond with a fashion blog studying law. Oh wait a second, there is one already and she does really well! In that case, congrats to Chiara from The Blond Salad :)). Few months after, I landed in my dream country, UK. The world has opened up for me in every single aspect of life.

By 22 I wanted to establish my first business.

I was nearly there, but another opportunity crossed my plan. I have developed a better business sense for my future plans and slowly applying it into practice. I probably didn´t even know what I was doing anyway. I am 25 now, still young, with a wide portfolio and just about to continue with my career development. For once my own career is not on hold any longer and I remember to put it in front of everything for now.

I am really glad I took my initiative with my new blog and finally made it live.

My blog Fringe and Doll is a platform where I express myself, my love for clothing, my styling tips and my daily looks, occasional travels and my lifestyle. I love to browse the internet for hours to get inspired, collect all the pictures that I love and after all share it with readers of Fringe and Doll. I’ d love you to find this blog as a destination for you to relax and get inspired the most. There are so many other lovely blogs, that is a must-have to read, and I believe F&D will be one of them.

When I was writing this August Story, it was coming to end of the month July. I was just about to leave for my vacation to Sri Lanka (I am here now for another 2 weeks). Just the perfect time to recharge myself, relax and find my soul. Leave the past behind, start living in the present and realise what matters to me in my life. The time I will be spending there with my best friend is the time I am looking forward to the most. It will be (it is already) exciting adventure and of course relax.  

Current Fringe and Doll quote at the end:
Just the other day I found myself crying over a romantic movie produced here in England. It is one of the best movies that UK has ever produced, I strongly recommend to watch it if you can it’ s called  ‘ABOUT TIME’. It made me realise one thought about life. ´Life is the best the way you make it. Even though you can´t go back and change things. It is the way you live your life in present. Take every failure as a learning step, get back on your feet (sooner the better) and continue work on your dreams.  Don’ t ever look back at things but focus on the present and future.

With love, Radana.