2014 Reflection

Here is the year 2014 that will be soon over and I put together a little reflection of 2014. I can’t honestly say how glad I am that the year will be gone. It wasn’t the greatest year in my personal life, but there were few highlights that will not be forgotten! One of them is the expected final launched of Fringe and Doll project back in May 2014. Or something like my trip to Sri Lanka that I have a great memories for. Throughout the year I tried to keep you updated about my latest buys and finds as well as get you inspired with my looks and also editorials that are worth sharing! So here is a look back at my 2014 looks and some other memories!

With Love, Radana.xx
FD American Vintage dress IMG_1076 950px FD BMB jumper IMG_0946 950px FringeDoll American Vintage floral bag IMG_1434 FringeDoll Coloured Chic Custommade top IMG_1754 FringeDoll Camo Boy IMG_1339 FringeDoll Hello Marine IMG_2428 FD Won Hundred Tee IMG_0671 FD 7 For All Mankinds jeans IMG_0812

This is one of my first pairs of Sevens that I bought many seasons back, I still love wearing them, lemon yellow rocks!

Fringe and Doll By Malene Birger Look IMG_0207

What a great sweatshirt I found by Danish designer Malene Birger

Fringe and Doll Dubai look IMG_2635 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

My trip to Dubai was short but I saw everything I had except the palm tree island, it is still on the list!

Fringe and Doll Ocean wave IMG_3008 Fringe and Doll Longboard beach IMG_4762 Fringe and Doll Insight swimwear IMG_3030

Fringeanddoll Ella Black dress IMG_4016

Fringe and Doll Morning on the beach IMG_3094

My looks in Sri Lanka before we got back and hit the Autumn vibe! Missing the sunshine, sea and the landscapes!

Fringe and Doll Pink Teddy Coat IMG_5872
One of my favourite shoot we’ ve done for Fringe and Doll, it was real fun, very productive, and the coat is also very stunning!
Fringe adn Doll Denim GuideTuxedo IMG_5389

I am such a freak for denim, so there is no way I would skip it on my blog. I launched DENIM GUIDE throughout the season where I wore pairs that I must have in your wardrobe. I’ ve got them all!Fringe and Doll The Prima IMG_5480 Fringe and doll BMB jeans IMG_5592 Fringe and Doll The legging jeans AG IMG_5739 Fringe and Doll Denim Guide AV Red Jeans IMG_7241
Fringe and Doll Won Hundred jeans IMG_7379Fringe and Doll BMB floral Skirt IMG_6497Fringe And Doll Rose and Rose floral scarf IMG_6971 blog

Autumn came really fast, Winter even faster (but you can’t recognise it here in the UK)Fringe and Doll hat look IMG_7535
Fringe and Doll Glam look IMG_7990

Played with a hair styling and make up with my beauty master gal Misha, she knows everything!
Fringe and Doll Zara Scarf Look IMG_8112 1 Merry Christmas Fringe and Doll 2014 950px Fringe and Doll high neck jumper IMG_0009

and this is it…

Wishing you a very lovely New Year’s celebration!