Birthday Wishes

Hello beauties,

Can you believe it’s been a year since my last post? I never planned it to be such a long break, but so many interesting life events happened over the year. I don’t even know where to start!?

Looking back, 2016 was really important year in both, my personal and professional lives. If you follow me on instagram, I am sure you know by now. And if you don’t follow me, tune in here: INSTAGRAM.

I am really pleased I made the decision to come back and start blogging again. It feels really great and I believe I have an interesting view on fashion and life too. My style has evolved since my first posts, it matured with my professional, even personal development. Believe it or not, sometimes it only takes a year, but it definitely comes with age.

Today, I am turning 28 years old! I am slowly getting to where I want to be in my life. 

You might also wonder what I’ve been doing the past year and where my wings took me. It sounds way better than it is in reality, but I love what I do and am really happy about it! 

I work on different projects and make them happen in the end which keeps me occupied most of the time. Couple of them involves local businesses in my favourite UK city, Worcester and a couple of them are all based online! I use my creativity to put all the little pieces together. 

You might of heard Season Collective for example, which should be launching later this year (well, that’s the plan). And now adding one extra little personal project, my lovely blog. 

I am going through a rebrand of Fringe and Doll at the moment, which will happen this year too, hopefully it will be exciting not just for me, but you will all enjoy it too! And in terms of posts, I am aiming to share and write every Sunday unless any events are happening throughout the week. But once a week, you can watch the space!

So, welcome back Fringe and Doll! And if you are interested in what I have to offer, stay tuned! 



I am wearing:

Custommade Oversized Knit in green 

AG Ripped Stilt Ankle Jeans

Next Printed Slippers