‘Tis the season of party shoes

On the seventh day of Christmas …

December time is always full of parties, work dos and celebrations like today, New Year’s Eve. So we either go the one way, don’t do any celebrations and get through it very casually, or we choose the other way… glamorous party way!

As any other time for lovers of shoes, it’s another excuse to find your favourite pair for the next 48h so you can find other pair later on sale too. If you are like me, rolling in the circle of want, need, must have, can’t afford, but still will eventually justify a new pair, then congratulations, we are now officially shopaholics.

Both of these below are now on sale, I managed to score them with a promotion, however I decided to return the blue one. Thank you all for helping me with your votes few weeks ago when I couldn’t decide which pair to wear with my new Self Portrait dress. You all have chosen and voted for the black pair and I agreed, it’s simply ‘smarter’ option for the future and it will also go with my favourite pair of jeans.

With Love,
Radana. xx