Red Nose Day 2015

Fringe and Doll Red Nose Day 2015 IMG_2380edit Hello there world, firstly happy Friday, 13th. I hope you all are well and not worrying about today. I do actually have 13 as my lucky number (or as a very neutral number probably is more of the truth to say). Today is also a Red Nose Day! It is a day here across the nation (I also believe in the US), to raise a significant amount so Comic Relief organisation can transform the lives of millions people here in the UK and also in Africa.

Same as last year and year before, I usually get this lovely T-shirt, this time designed by Henry Holland, to support this cause! If you would like to help and support too, go over to and see your wide options. I got my T-shirt in my local TkMaxx store as easy as it gets :). If you live in the UK head over there now!

With love,


PS: I do love the statement over my dotted t-shirt!

Fringe and doll Red Nose Day 2015 IMG_2374Henry Holland for Red Nose Day at Tk Maxx